Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 17 March 2011

{spring fashion}

The snow is thawing, bit by bit, and it's time to think of spring fashion.
Long dresses are popular again this year. The maxi dress is the dress that evokes vacation.

{from collegefashion}
  But maxi skirts are big too:

{from the fashionpartizan}
 It seems that bright, geometric colours are in this year:

{Emilio Pucci, left, and Oscar de la Renta, from nymag}
Vitamin C is in, in full force. Well I'm not big on orange or tangerine on myself, but I do love the colour & I like tangerine accents.

{photos from Vogue, compiled by mybigfatgreekmove}

{Oscar de la Renta}

{Tommy Hilfiger}

Inspired by these tangerine accents, what about these ideas for the home?
{gorgeous ideas from design*sponge}

{from coco + kelley}

{I love the tangerine accents featured on parisapartment}

Brighten up any outfit with a touch of colour with colourful tights, bright shoes, or a flashy handbag: 

{Amber Valetta featured in Vogue from fashionindie}

Too much colour? Nude is also in:
{Nina Ricci}

{from lonny}

Now sun, pleeeeeeeeeease keep on shining & warming up the earth, so I can begin to shed my layers and kick off my snow-treading boots for a cute pair of heels!

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