Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 16 March 2017

{quotable thursdays}

It's international women's month, so today I'm choosing a short & punchy quote:
{she persisted}
That quote could simply read 'she persisted' and it would reveal the strength of so many women, past and present, who have persisted in the face of adversity. Whether it's famine, abuse, discrimination, or simply the challenges of everyday life.
Last weekend I had a group of amazing women over for brunch. We met through poppy loves bookclub in London and I invited them out for a 'day in the country'. We brunched and chatted and then went for a country walk. By the end of the day, I felt lighter, happier, and simply positive.

{all laughs!}

 It's wonderful what happens when you surround yourself with amazing women.
Thanks to all the inspiring women in my life!

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