Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 12 March 2017

{postcards from Mexico-the highlights}

Well, I'm finally playing some catch up. It has been busy since my trip to Mexico for our Christmas reunion, and I've fallen ill a few times, and had a long trip to Italy as well...
So even though it's March, I thought I'd post the highlights of my trip to Mexico!
 We had a wonderful time--hosted by my sister Rachel and her family--we also managed to have a sisters' night out, a celebration dinner for my Dad's 70th (belated), and general fun times together. Veracruz is an important port historically, as it was used very early on for that purpose by the Spanish, so there are important early colonial buildings, but also very important indigenous sites too.
You'll have seen that I posted some pictures from my niece and nephew's first communion and party, or if you missed it, that post is here.

Without further delay, here are my favourite picks from the trip:
{ a visit to the nearby ruins}
It was here, where Cortez allied with the ruler, Xicomecoatl and together defeated Montezuma.

{these stones line up with the cardinal points}

{the church near Cortez's house}

{Cortez's house, the ruins}

We then drove to the Chapel of the Rosary, first church built by Cortez in the 1520s.
{oldest church in the Americas}

A highlight was celebrating my Dad's 70th birthday, where we took over an entire restaurant, the wonderful Silvestre
{our for dinner celebrating Dad's 70th birthday!}
 And then...we went on a boat ride!
{a boat trip through the Mangroves!}

{4/5 sisters of the 7 cs}

{mariachi, river side}

Old Veracruz is filled with charming buildings with lovely restaurants...
{traditional coffee house}

{the market in old Veracruz}
 & we made sure to carve out time for a sisters' night out, but were sad to be missing my fourth sister!
{sisters night out (minus one)}

& then it was Christmas!
{Christmas dinner!}

{the cooks!}

{the feast!}

{old Veracruz}
As you can see, it was a lovely holiday!

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