Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Friday, 18 November 2016

{quotable thursdays}

Apologies, this is a little late--it's Friday here in the UK, but I know somewhere in the world it's still Thursday!

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday in great company of my dear family! We went to the beautiful National Trust property, Standen--adorned with gorgeous Arts & Crafts Morris wallpaper etc.... We also went on lovely autumnal walks. my dad wrote the following poem, which is today's quote:

Now friends and family gather round
To celebrate the passing year.
The house at Chelmsford will resound
With merry birthday cheer.

With glasses filled and heaping plates
The guests now make a toast.
While birthday tales Great Charles relates,
Dear cousin and genial host.

“To Leaps, Tinza and Doctor too
“Please raise your glasses all.
“Welcome, every one of you
“To Leah’s birthday ball!”

Then Charley escorts his lovely wife
And dances around the hall
Marian tells of country life
Which keeps them all in thrall.

Melissa does a highland fling,
A jig so neat and trim,
While the Weatherups a duet sing
Until the others all join in.

We too shout across the miles
From distant shores and seas
“May your day be filled with birthday smiles

“And joy that never cease!”

I posted pics over on Instagram, , but here are a few!
{the barn at Standen}


& then it was party time!

{fancy masks!}

xo, L

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