Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Friday, 20 May 2016

{picture rails}

One of the big improvements to the house that my parents did while they were here was put in picture rails. Most people wouldn't notice they hadn't been there originally...and most people who come to the house now probably won't really notice them. But a picture rail is  like wearing clear nail varnish for a house-they're subtle, but add that little bit of 'polish' that makes a space seem finished.
I have lots more to blog on regarding renovations-the lovely built-in wardrobes in my room and other things, but thought I'd quickly put a post together on the picture rails.
I haven't got all my pictures up, and in the end, I'll probably change some around, but it's nice to be greeted by some old familiar friends on the walls...

{black & whites of my ancestors, from my great grandparents in India with my granny as a baby, to my Canadian grandparents in Toronto to pictures of my parents as kids}

{I love how the mirror reflects the pictures on the opposite wall}

And then in the dining room, the before:
...& now I've got a piano there and a mirror hanging from the picture rail:

On the other side of the dining room the space was crammed with furniture and a desk. Now I have a simple print of the Bodleian library and my dresser my Dad built me, filled with all my favourite crockery and china: 

& in the hallway upstairs...still needs some more pics hung and some more touches, but it's much better  (especially since I got rid of the lime green!):

stay tuned for more!

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