Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 14 April 2016

{quotable thursdays}

Hello Blogland!
The good news is my computer is back & running so I'll be able to post the last series of pics from Venice and then from Valencia...and my fabulous weekend in the UK with my dear sis who was visiting from Canada! (not to mention catching up on the renos on the house!)
But all in time...
For now, a wonderful quote to sum up what I believe is fundamental in life:
{stay curious!}
Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it's the thing that keeps me going. Curiosity in scholarship, to find out about what went down in history; curiosity in travels, to find out more about the world around me; curiosity about people- to meet new people and to understand how humans around the world face the world that we live in.
So, my dear blog readers, I encourage you to stay curious!
so some advice from my cat, get up on that ledge and soar to new heights...you never know what new things you might see from a new perspective: 


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