Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Saturday, 16 April 2016

{postcards from Italy-Venezia}

{room with a view!}
Last month I was in Venice for a conference on Venetian commodities and blogged about the amazing conference venue including fantastic views of the Grand Canal. After the conference finished my parents flew down and we spent the weekend in Venice. I rented an amazing flat right on a small canal--we could hear gondoliers serenading below the window. Fantastic!
{view from the flat I rented!}
{fantastic view!} 
One of my favourite things to do in Venice, is simply just to stroll, get lost, and stumble upon little quiet canals & beautiful buildings: 

 This is one of my favourite little spots:
 Nearby is a historic spot to get Fragolino--it was closed, so we found another little hole in the wall and enjoyed a prosecco canalside. I just love this little shipyard, ready to fix any gondola in need of a quick repair...I suppose it reminds me of my youth and life aboard boats! (& of course my parents building boats)...

{my parents right at home}

{I love this little fruttivendolo...as long as I've been coming to Venice, he's been there}

{simple yet so so stunning!}

One of my favourite squares is Campo Santa Margherita--I stayed in a flat there a few years ago. It has a much more 'authentic' feel to it. It fills up with Venetians in the evenings--all gathered there to have a spritz and a catch up. There are also some fantastic little restaurants. Pick & choose, though, as there are a few that are a bit touristy. We enjoyed a lovely lunch outside in the sun in a quaint little place:

At one point we stumbled upon this live jazz band, playing across two sets of windows over looking a square: 

 & then, sadly, it was time to say goodbye:

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