Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 29 October 2015

{quotable thursdays}

In honour of National Cat Day:
{cats & music}
{how cute!}
Friends who know me well know I always have music playing in my home (usually classical, but sometimes jazz) and my cat is my best companion. After a very long day the very best thing is to come home to classical music playing and a sweet purring Simla. The best way for me to unwind is to play the piano... unfortunately I don't yet have one in this house but I'm hoping I can get one soon! Just need to save up as these house renovations & the move has been rather costly!
Because I can't resist, some pictures of my sweet Simla:


Sunday, 25 October 2015

{tasty morsels}

{photo courtesy of visitLondon}
Within a few steps of King's Cross Saint Pancras is the lovely Norfolk Arms. I've often passed it on my way to the station, observing the cured meats hung up in the window & wondered what was within. Well I found out last week when my good friend Melissa & I popped in for a Monday evening dinner. What a surprise! While it's got the charm of an old pub the food is anything but boring British. Indeed, it has an amazing choice of tapas that were seriously mouth-watering.
I didn't bring my big camera so only snapped a few pics from my iphone... but I'll certainly be back!
{gorgeous ceiling}

{the razor clams were divine!}

{endive and beet salad}

Thursday, 22 October 2015

{quotable thursdays}

I don't know how it's Thursday again already?! This week's quote:

Because every little small thing is worth celebrating! That's what I say!
This past weekend I painted the kitchen cabinets. I still need to fix the red tiles, but for me, that was a big victory!
more on the renos soon!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

{quotable thursdays}

{grounds of Highclere Castle/Downton}

I do love to go for walks, and sometimes it's ok to indulge in a bit of solitude! Might I say, even self indulgence??!!
{solitary walks}
Here are a few picks of my favourite walks!

{peak district}

{Rape fields}

{this walk is on my doorstep}

{grounds of Highclere Castle (Downtown Abbey)}


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

{Canadian Thanksgiving in the new house}

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving and I decided to continue the tradition of hosting a little get together. I kept it small this year (compared to the 15 guests I had last year!)
It was a fantastic opportunity to host in my new house, which is still a work in progress (!)
We sat down to a lovely chicken lunch, then went for a walk through the town and along the canal to burn some of it off and to build an appetite for the pièce de résistance--pumpkin pie!
Here are some pictures from the day:
{the house is all decorated!}

{dressed for October! black & white & orange!}

{le poulet!}

{Simla enjoys the company!}

{I finally found some pumpkin pie in the Uk!}
{in the oven!}


Sunday, 11 October 2015

{Tasty morsels}

I've found an absolute gem in Leighton Buzzard. It's called Oliver Hare & Co...and it's everything I love... mismatched tea cups, silver tea pots, dark blue & gold decor, fantastic service, & an extreme attention to detail. The food is fantastic too!
I think the pictures really tell the story of what it's like to dine at such a place...
{dainty little sugar pram!}

{fantastic decor!}

{yes please!!!}
They are now open on Fri & Saturday evenings...& they also serve a Sunday roast! I'll be back for sure!