Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 6 March 2014

{quotable thursdays}

{bubble blowers}

Dear readers, I'm ashamed, but I forgot last week's quote:( Things have been a bit hectic and last Thursday I spent the whole day in meetings...
Today, the sun is shining, I'm on study leave, and am getting lots of writing/researching done;)
This weekend, I'm hosting a Masterpiece board game party...I'll be sure to post pics from the party, but with that in mind, today's quote is about returning to an earlier state--the time when we used to play games all the time. Playing games requires imagination; they require us to do away with reality for a bit & escape into another world.

We used to play board games all the time as kids, as well as make up plays, put on performances etc... I think that's what's lacking from most adults' lives--the ability to fill one's day with imagination & creativity. if you do it too much, you appear crazy!
For Ruskin:
'It is the child's spirit, which we are most happy when we most recover; remaining wiser than children in our gratitude that we can still be pleased with a fair colour or a dancing light.'
---John Ruskin

{believe in magic!}
so with that, do something crazy this weekend--it's supposed to get up to 16C here, and the sun will be shining, so go & find that child in you!
{go crazy}

{i love holly golightly b/c she is just that bit of crazy}
{go find a niece or nephew (or your own kid) to be goofy with!}
now go, find that Madhatter inside of you!



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