Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Friday, 7 February 2014

{Introducing Simla!}

hello blog-readers!
Sorry I forgot my quotable thursdays yesterday...slipped my mind...things just seem to be super busy at the moment.
& if I get a spare moment, I've been spending it with my dear, dear kitty!
So, with that, let me introduce you to Simla! She is a blue point Siamese and I collected her on Sunday. Since then, my life has been filled with such joy!
Simla is named after the birthplace of my Granny. My Dad's mum was born and raised in Simla during the British Raj (her parents, my great grandparents (below) were English).
{my granny as a baby in Simla}

 She was married to my grandpa in Simla too:
{my grandparents at Wild Flower Hall on their wedding day in Simla (my grandfather was born in Bristol)}

My father was also born in India but they all immigrated to Canada after Partition. My move back to the UK (settling here and making a home with a cat) completes a full circle of the family history. We have visited India many times and when I was 10, we visited Wild Flower Hall and all the old haunts of my ancestors in Simla.
It seemed an appropriate name for this little cat. Simla's bright blue eyes mimic the incredibly blue skies you find in the Himalayas...
{bright blue eyes}
{blue skies of the Himalayas}
...and her blue points remind me of the blue-ish tinge of the Himalayan mountains as well as the silvery grey leaves of the Eucalyptus trees that fill the air with such fragrance in that region.

{making herself at home--she matches the decor!}

{looking at the big wide world}
{helping with the laundry!}

{taking over the bed!}

Simla is still a kitten--around 14 weeks, although she appears much bigger in the pictures than she really is. She can curl up in one arm-- she loves to play in my arms!
She is inquisitive and curious, but can be a little shy, and is very very affectionate and sweet. It took her a day to warm up, but now she follows me around the flat and likes to chat away all day (& night!).
We are already the best of friends and I love her to bits!
she was well worth the wait!

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  1. She is beautiful and so is your flat! Make sure to keep those bulbs away from her, though. Bulbs in general are not good for cats to ingest and some of them (lilies, Amaryllis) are poisonous! My cat likes to nibble on tulip, iris, and daffodil flowers when I have vases of them and she's fine, but all parts of lilies are deadly.