Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 21 November 2013

{quotable thursdays}

{Comparison steals joy}
It is so easy to compare--we do it all the time. Even easier now with social media like facebook where we see the exploits, the joys, the achievements, the accomplishments, the weddings, the babies, the books published, the promotions, the degrees... (the list goes on) of our friends. If we are feeling particularly vulnerable or sensitive about a particular lack in our lives, comparison is the easiest temptation--but it sucks out joy...

I grew up with four sisters--while it could have been very easy to compare (& there were times we did, especially when one sister had a particularly coveted piece of clothing in her closet!) we have learned that to love each other, we should be proud of each other & be accepting of our weaknesses and congratulatory of our strengths.

{5 girls, circa 1985?}

When one of my sisters accomplishes something great, I feel a sense of accomplishment myself--because I love her, have encouraged her, and am happy for her.

So leave comparison aside, bask in your strengths--& the strengths of others too! we can't all do everything, so be proud of what you can do!
{embrace your individuality rather than comparing yourself to others}

and remember, we all develop at different times in life--so age has little to do with it. We build up experiences at different times, and while we're not doing something (like having a baby or getting married) we're doing something else (like getting a PhD or working toward some other goal).

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