Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Saturday, 9 February 2013

{musings from the little red book-work spaces}

Today's musings from the little red book takes the theme of home work spaces.

1) what's to go on the walls? As an Art Historian, I'm always changing what images I'm working on, so having a space where I can tack up new images when I want is useful (think a Warburg wall for those of you familiar with that cultural art historian). One way of not making this look messy is having pretty cloth panels on top of cork board that you can pin different pictures on:

Here are some examples: 

{image wall via design*sponge
or one large frame--this is particularly useful if you're going to have to put your workspace in a more public room, like  if you only have a one bedroom apartment: 
{via decor8}

Alternatives to fabric:

{framed chicken wire}

{diy painted baking tins}

2) How to organise library books? As an academic, I'm forever taking out library books that I need while I'm writing an article. These are usually sources I'm using all the time for a limited amount of time, and everyone works differently, but I'm the type of person that while I'm writing, my desk is a mess, full of pieces of paper--notes, archival research transcriptions etc...and books. I have to have everything at my fingertips. While it looks like a mess to everybody else, it's actually my brain turned inside out. All of the pieces of paper are laid out according to how I'm approaching the essay/paper/book chapter and I need space for all this visible manifestation of the inner workings of my mind. A useful way to keep this 'organised' would be to have a small shelf reserved for library books (lower left)... and a separate little table for my tea & cookies, so that if I accidentally 'spill' my tea, it doesn't go all over my papers or books!

{use old crates}

{something simple like this would be perfect}

ODDA Nightstand IKEA Includes casters for easy mobility.
{this simple nightstand from ikea might actually do the trick}
{a perfect little table for a tea break}
3) how to keep loose journal articles organised? I have tons of journal articles & notes, that I often keep in binders, or organise into magazine holders.
Here are some good examples of how to use a bookshelf nearby to keep these sorts of things close at hand, but organised and not too messy:

{big square bookshelves allow for a number of different kinds of stuff--baskets, magazine holders & books}
{simply stunning!}

{I like this plate rack}
{I label my magazine holders so I immediately know what the contents are}
{simply divine file folder holders}

or apothecary-like organisation...

I also like to get crafty sometimes and surrounding myself with beautiful paints & colourful crayons can inspire:

These darling little tins would prettify any work space:

Container Magnets
{brilliant martha stewart diy idea}

Finally, some just simply gorgeous work spaces that would inspired any mind to work!
{I think this is one of my all time favourites (including a pink typewriter!!)}
{love the frames}

via notetosarah
{I love the book cases and the old world charm}

{serene palette}
Dear Emily
{if you have a workspace in a public room, such as the living room, what better way to make it a separate space than  a gorgeous curtain separation?}
{my dream work space would be inspired by a Renaissance studiolo. For an explanation of a studiolo, see my article here}

{here's a real work space with Indian carpets, leather & books--reminds me of my Dad's library}
my dream work space would have a comfy corner to read delightful books..Ok, I could go on & on...for more inspiration check out my work spaces & on books & things boards on pinterest.
Happy Work Space Productivity!!

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