Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

{Chartwell & Goodwood House}

{Goodwood, home to the Duke of Richmond, since 1675}
This past weekend was spent driving in the English countryside and visiting grand estates belonging to famous individuals. This is what trips to Merry Ol' are all about!!
On Saturday, we drove to Chartwell, the former home of Winston Churchill. The house is preserved as it was when the Churchills lived there, but there's also a museum recording the history of the place, the relationship between Churchill and his wife, and his important political career.
{Chartwell House, home of Winston Churchill}
The next day we drove through torrential rains to Goodwood House. When we arrived the place looked remarkably quiet and empty, especially for the UK (where most of these homes are teeming with visitors). Upon arrival at the door, an elderly man greeted us and welcomed us in. We entered into this beautiful stately reception room, with wall to wall paintings by Van Dyck and George Stubbs. The smell from large bouquets of fresh cut flowers permeated the air, left over from the grand balls and parties recently had there during the weekend and previous week, in honour of the Goodwood horse races. I had to use the loo, and asked where I might find it. The butler-gentleman was called upon  and answered "I'll direct you to the Ladies" and he walked me to a lavish lavatory. When I exited, I was told "the rest of your party is waiting for you in the library." I entered a lovely room full of paintings and some books, and found my cousins sitting on a lovely sofa, waiting for our private tour. Goodwood, as I found out, was first home to the illegitimate son of Charles II, who was made Duke of Richmond. It has been the home to the dukes of Richmond ever since, and the current Duke of Richmond lives in a smaller building on the estate, while his son, Earl of March, resides in one wing of the house. For more on the history of the house & the family, check out the Goodwood website here.
At the end of the tour, we were guided into the Gallery, which doubles as a ballroom and also as a tea room. We sat drinking cream teas out of silver pots & enjoyed the paintings surrounding us by Van Dyck, Veronese, and David Teniers. EXQUISITE!
{waiting for our tour in a stately room}

{cream tea in such a lovely lovely room, surrounded by old masters}

{Van Dyck portrait of Charles I & Henrietta Maria}

{Choo & me outside Goodwood}

{such a stately home}

{cricket on the estate at Goodwood}
 What a fantastic weekend! We did much more including a lovely walk around Petworth & a BBQ at our friends the Weatherups.
I'm off to Mallorca this weekend, and am anticipating a week free of internet. So until next time!

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