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Sunday, 15 January 2012

{Downton Abbey}

Downton Abbey Location
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I have recently become obsessed with Downton Abbey. Yes, I know I'm a little behind on things...it seems it's everywhere from design*sponge to lucky mag...but I've been watching the first season on pbs online, and now, tonight, season 2 is airing on the telly. yay! We, in America are behind, since Season 3 is currently airing in the UK, on itv.
What's not to love about this tv show? Amazing costumes, great characters, wonderful plot, and we get both sides of the story of a great estate home--from the servants downtairs to the aristocracy upstairs (in this way it's similar to Gosford Park). The setting is breathtaking too.
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Highclere Castle in Hampshire is where most of the filming takes place. I've not been before but I just checked with my good cousin Choo, who is eager to bring me there this summer, when I'm back in the UK. Can't wait!
Sparking a trend: Downton Abbey is filmed at Highclere Castle in Berkshire
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Set in the time of King George V, the lifestyle and the clothing are fantastic.
I love the striped dress Miss Crawley wears in Season 2: 
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They dress for dinner & eat formally every night:
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They have tea (still a tradition in the Clark family) every afternoon:

Downton Abbey (2010)
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Stylist Elizabeth Demos
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7 by Julie Adams stylist Elana Bardetta for bridetobe AU-dustjacketattic.blogspot.com
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{brunch at saks}

{brunch at saks}
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Downton Abbey dining room
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...with proper dining etiquette:
{brunch at saks}


{tea at downton via black tie & flip flops}
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{holly mathis interiors}

{the perfect palette}


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{elements of style}

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{graphic exchange}
{Christmas Special, the Hunt via culture concept}
Downton Abbey Christmas special
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{travel/adventures in merry ol'}

Watching Downton Abbey makes me nostalgic for times when I lived in England, and the yearly visits I now take. Merry England wouldn't be so merry without my great cousins--especially Choo & Liz who take me to lovely castles found across England's pastures green. Here are a few photos...(click here & here for my visit to the UK in 2011) 
{Arundel Castle. part of The Young Victoria was filmed here}

{Sandringham, the country retreat of Her Majesty the Queen}

{my cousin & me at Brighton Pavilion residence of King George IV}

{Strawberry Hill, home of Horace Walpole}
{Waddesdon Manor, home of the Rothschilds}
{Loo & Choo at the country estate (that's our ancestor in the painting in the left background and I'm wearing Granny Handover's fox stole (a real one with little teeth!)}
Can't wait for Season 2 tonight, and can't wait for more adventures in Merry England this summer!


  1. I still haven't seen it (or more than 5 minutes of it), isn't that ridiculous? I'm gonna make myself find time tonight I think!

    1. definitely not to be missed!! You're in for a treat.