Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 13 February 2011


I'm not a big Valentine's fan...but I thought I'd still blog on Valentine's because of these ever-so-cute vintage Valentine cards...& all the other fun stuff that goes along with San Valentino. I do still feel nostalgic for all those Valentine card exchanges I used to do in my early years of school. Plus Feb 14 is important to me for two reasons. One, it marks the birthday of my dear niece, Anahita & also the birthday of one of my Mum's bestfriends, Sharlane. Also, because it is the patron saint day of another niece, Valentina.

Check out these cute Valentine's printables:

{downloadable from babalisme}

{there are loads of cute vintage Valentine cards available from vintage holiday crafts}

{too funny. which profession/man do you want? Heaven forbid you get the poor man or the thief!!!}

{from vintage holiday crafts}

If you're going to send an electronic e-card, why not try these lovely apps, featured on design*sponge?:
{I hate electronic stuff. but love love this by cartolina}

Red seems to be the colour of Valentine's, (& I have to say, red isn't really my colour), but who can resist these red dresses? :

{lovely Art Deco dresses from 1920s fashion}
{this would be appropriate for the weather around here}
and who could leave out Audrey?
{from funny face}
and who doesn't love red polka dots?
{from Heyday Vintage Style}

{polka dot hanky anyone?}

{polka dot cat bowl from price inspector for 3 quid}
{polka dot brolly?}
{how cute is this pram from prams n things?}
{polka dot petticoat? ooh la la, so cute! from dressderby}
{cute cases from knot just jigs}
{Valentine polka dot decorations by Deborah Sparks}
{vintage valentine's party staged for KUTV's Channel 2 Fresh Living Show. info here}
 and the other thing I like about Valentine's day are doilies. I don't know why, but I just love them.
check out these heart doilies:
{photo by ana}
{look at the beautiful doilies in the background of this print, available on Etsy}
and to be fully Valentines-y, Valentine's doilies:
{also available on Etsy}
I came across these amazing ideas by Emma Hadzi-Anitch featured on design*sponge. As a lover of tea (specifically loose-leaf tea), I can't resist these DIY teabags: the quality of loose-leaf tea with the sweetest personal touch:

{full details & instructions can be found on design*sponge and on flytape}

Happy Valentine's day! & a special Happy Valentine's to the ones I love the most: my dearest sisters, their kids, my parents & my best friends...Life would be so gray without you all.


  1. I loved those heart tea bags! Happy Valentine's Day, Tinz!

  2. yes, would love to do those for a shower or something. I also just get a kick out of those old Valentine's--the fried eggs are hilarious but also the wheel of fortune of possible suitors!!! Happy V-day to you too! I love the Valentine's you made with the kids!

  3. Thanks for featuring my bunting
    Deborah sparks x