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Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 30 October 2016

{postcards from italy--picture perfect procida}

Well it has been just over a month since I got back from my three weeks in Naples, and I've only just found a little window today to start posting pictures from my trip!
I thought I'd start with picture perfect Procida. An island not too far from Naples, but I would say one of the best kept secrets (shhhhh....) It's delightfully colourful; you can walk around the island in one day, making it a perfect day trip from Naples. In contrast to well-known and tourist-filled Capri, it has less glitz and more real, everyday charm.
A quick walk from the main marina where the hydrofoils come in, you'll find Marina Corricella. Climb down windy staircases leading to the charming harbour, where fishermen mend their nets, while cats sleep dreaming of the catch of the day, local boys fish with rods, and the odd rowboat manned by a single soul, scours the sea floor for his dinner....
the place is simply magical.
{arrival into marina grande, Procida}

{the stunning streets}

{a lovely little chapel behind those curtains, revealing a stunning interior dedicated to the lives of fishermen lost to the sea}

 and then down tiny, winding steps to Marina Corricella:


{mending the nets}

{dreaming of the day's catch}

{boys fishing}

{searching for fish}

{steps that feel like you're walking through people's homes}

{stunning view of the island}

 A short walk from the marina, pass the old prison:

& on to the stunning monastery of Saint Michael Archangel:

{with amazing views from the monastery}

{the monastery from the other side of the island}

Simply a lovely place to spend the day, with such magnificent colours, chapels and shrines around every corner and a few beaches to go for a swim, if the heat gets too much!

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