Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Sunday, 14 August 2016

{sisterly visit}

{reunion at Chota House}

In July, my middle sister came for a visit with my niece & nephew.
We had loads of fun & had a great amount of time to catch up.
We went for afternoon tea at Oliver Hare & Co:

 We wandered the mews of Leighton Buzzard:

 We went to my cousins for a fab weekend in the country:
{started with evening croquet in the garden}
 We then went to Hever Castle (where Anne Boleyn grew up) and met Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, & the ladies in waiting:

 The gardens are stunning! (not to mention the fantastic mazes: a water maze, an impossible hedge maze, and a tower maze)
{I think I might have caught a couple kissing by accident (!)}

{nice legs!}

We went punting in Cambridge (where my sister did her MPhil):

 Followed by the necessary cream tea at Grantchester (where Rupert Brooke and the Bloomsbury set used to hang out):

{gurham chai sisters (minus three!)}

{cheers!! 2 out of 5 Clark girls!}

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