Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Thursday, 24 March 2016

{quotable thursdays}

Well... disaster has struck. My imac has completely packed it in and there are no available appointments for me to take it into the apple store any time soon. Which means... no more blog posts on Venice for the time being. sniff!
Luckily I do have it backed up on an external hard drive but it means I'm working on my tiny teeny tiny non-functional work laptop that is just really annoying!
Enough complaining...
Happy Easter everyone!
I hope you have a splendid weekend wherever you decide to spend it. Unfortunately, my long list of work to-dos and house to-dos has not allowed me to spend it with my lovely family in Bristol. Instead, I'll be solo catching up on work, on house renos/painting etc...and preparing for my trip to Valencia next week (!)
Yes, I'm off to a conference and I'll also extend my stay to conduct some preliminary archive work there.
So, with life and work and everything else just feeling like it's all a little too much, I turn to this quote today:
{Que sera}
Because, in the end, whatever will be, will be, and all our crying and stressing won't change it.
I have a strange sort of feeling that 10 days in Valencia, followed by a weekend with my eldest SISTER (!!!) will remind me what's important in life.

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