Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Friday, 13 February 2015

{quotable thursdays}

Hello blog world!
I apologise for missing quotables yesterday, & the week before. It has been a hectic couple of weeks!
In thinking of Valentine's day tomorrow, you might want to go back to my post from a few weeks ago, that was full of LOVE!
but today's quote, is one about the importance of beginning:
{dare to begin}

Yesterday I gave a talk at the British Museum-it went well and I felt a sense of accomplishment. But one has to remember that such a moment of glory doesn't come out of the blue, but from daring to begin. For me, it's hard to know when that beginning began. Was it the moment I decided to do Art History in undergrad? Or was it when I began archival research and started piecing together bits of the puzzle? or was it when I decided to write my PhD? It certainly wasn't a few weeks ago when I put together the powerpoint and cobbled together my paper from a number of word docs--sections of an article published, sections of the rejected parts of another article published etc...
{starting to write can be the hardest for a writer}

The point is, beginning is sometimes the scariest bit, but you'll never know where it might lead if you don't take a risk & start!


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