Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Saturday, 19 January 2013

{downton fever}

Are you loving Season 3 of Downton Abbey as much as I am? I can't get enough. As you may know, I visited Highclere Castle (the home of the fictional Downton Abbey) in the spring, and having experienced walking through those rooms--oohing and ahhing at the grand entry hall with its neo-gothic design & grand staircase, the lovely library, & the dining room with van Dyck originals...it brings the telly series ever more to life.
But this season has really gone off with a big bang. I'm dying for Sunday's airing of episode 3. Here are some of my favourite parts so far of season 3 & some inspiration from it:
Edith's (almost) Wedding - downton-abbey Photo
{the hairdos}
& some Downton inspired images:
{via wedding bee}
Evening dress
{simply stunning  French dress, c. 1935 from the Met}
Downton Abbey Wedding Inspiration
{another simlpy gorgeous gown}
& who can resist this gorgeous detail on Lady Mary's dress?:
{via zsazsa bellagio}

*loved the simple decorations of white bunting around the town:

{white bunting}
{english country wedding invites}
The interiors are stunning too: 
{love the colours, the fireplace & frames}
some Downton inspired interiors: 

{great mix of objets d'art}
{via d*s}
What awaits us tomorrow???

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