Tiddley-Bits tea

Tiddley-Bits tea

Friday, 17 June 2011

{let the summer travels begin!}

{lovely drink with lovely view--yes please!}
Excuse my absence from the blogosphere but I've spent the last few weeks in lovely Vancouver with family & friends. Tomorrow I'll be off on a plane, up in the skies, headed for Italia! First stop is Florence for a conference held at this amazing venue in Fiesole:

I'm hoping we'll be allowed to walk around the grounds.
After Florence I'll be back in Naples for a week. I spent a few months in Naples while conducting doctoral research & I haven't been back since.
My favourite shots from when I lived there:
{gorgeous votive image & pink paint}

{great piazza for coffee &/or prosecco. notice how prominent vespe are here!}

{markets/store that open onto the street}

{vini e oli (wine & oil), as if these are the two most essential things in life}
{crumbling edifices & laundry hanging}
I'm also looking forward to trips to the nearby islands such as Procida (below) & down the Amalfi Coast (such as Positano, further below):
{the port at Procida}

{the port at Positano}

For my trips to the beach, I like this collection: 

{from the sweetest occasion}

{Jcrew via terrier&lobster}

{via everythingfab}

{my summer travel set}
{photo via coco+kelley}
Ciao for now...I'll be sure to blog about my adventures.

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